Library Day in the Life: Super Bowl Edition (Round 8, Day 5)

Let’s call this the day everyone came down with Super Bowl Fever.

Our office is located on the eastern edge of downtown Indianapolis, less than a mile from the heart of Super Bowl Village. The excitement is building outside my window as I write this. A military helicopter just touched down at Indianapolis Heliport, and there are at least four others hovering in the sky around downtown. There’s a police officer on the corner controlling the traffic light. Our parking lot has been leased out, and our otherwise free spaces will now cost you $40 (probably more tomorrow and Sunday). People are outside walking like you never see here in February. Last year at this time, I’d just come back to work after an ice storm closed the office for three days. This week, we’ve had highs in the 50s. It feels like spring, and we all just want to go outside and play. Can you blame us for being a little distracted?

The heliport is busy today!

I suppose the work day wasn’t a total waste, as I did cross a few things off my list.

  • Spent some time working with our VP of finance to research payments for our annual conference that was held in December – our registration system wasn’t matching up, and we had to figure out who still needs an invoice
  • Pulled together lists of conference attendees by counties, so that our board members can see who’s attending from their region
  • Chatted with my boss about a unique grant inquiry. Even after all these years, our customers still find ways to surprise me.
  • Responded to a question on the listserv for Indiana school counselors, related to study skills curriculum. I stay subscribed to this because we often have resources in our library that correspond to these types of questions. I think of it as “embedded marketing,” and would like to do more of this eventually.
  • We finally have a live link to the college/career bibliography I made earlier this week, so I sent that off to the person who had requested it, and updated the dashboard in our ILS. I realized I forgot to do the latter for the mentoring bibliography earlier this week, so I fixed it too.
  • Sent a list of people who’d checked the “Sign me up for the Weekly Update” box on their grant applications to my colleague who manages those subscriptions.
  • Packaged up the hold requests I’d pulled yesterday, put postage on them, and luckily fit them into the mailbox outside. Our downtown post office would be next to impossible to get to today, since it’s right across the street from Lucas Oil Stadium.

Well, that last point has brought the conversation back around to the Super Bowl, which means it’s probably about time for me to give up the fight for the day.

Time to go fight the super traffic.


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