Library Day in the Life: Round 7, Day 4

Friday was kind of a blur, but I wanted to round out the week with a final “day in the life” post.

Our offices are only open from 9-3 on summer Fridays, and I spent most of the shortened day finishing up the conference website and registration portal, so that we’ll be ready to open early-bird registration on Monday. We’re good to go from my perspective, but I have been sensing some mixed messages from other departments. I guess we’ll see what happens on Monday!

One of my coworkers also surprised me with an early birthday cake, so that was hands-down the highlight of my work day.

Chocolate cake! :)

I was only in the library long enough to chat with my colleague about next steps for the travel arrangements to the Polaris Users Group Conference and grab a book that needed to be mailed. Before I left, I took a couple of pictures, as promised in earlier posts.

My satellite office in the library doubles as a public computer on occasion.

We moved this shelving range to make room for an enclosed office. The table was salvaged from Borders.

We're still recovering from renovation.

And we're still not sure how to configure the conference room tables!

This concludes my marginally library-related day in the life series. I hope the peek into this less traditional job and library will be useful for some aspiring librarians and information professionals.


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