Library Day in the Life: Round 7, Day 3

I spent way too much time yesterday staring at a computer screen. At work, I was fixed in concentration on the conference website. At home, I got my library fix by catching up with cpd23 stuff, blog reading, and participating in #libchat. By around midnight, my eyes were practically begging me to go to sleep.

I woke up with a lingering headache, so I decided to try something new for my work routine.

8:30-10:30 am

Because I had a small stack of grant proposals to read before the end of the week, I shut my office door and refused to turn on the computer until after I had finished scoring them. The first two hours of my workday were completely computer-free. I did feel a little twitchy now and then without my morning e-mail fix, but I am proud to say that I resisted temptation. Just when I thought multi-tasking had fried my brain, I was able to summon up some focus! Such a relief.

10:30-11:00 am

Turned on the computer. Reunited with my e-mail. Took a peek at Twitter and skimmed some #cpd23 and #libday7 posts.

11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Not finished yet, but coming along nicely...

Continued to tweak the conference website.

Chatted with our webmaster about creating thumbnails from our speaker headshots. While I technically have the skills for this, she has more appropriate software on her computer. I’d also really like to add a footer with our sponsor logos, so I need to bring our fundraising and marketing team into the conversation soon.

Replied to some e-mails requesting further clarification of website text. It can be tricky to get all departments on the same page so that we can provide all relevant information, written and organized as clearly as possible. I want our customers to find what they need, and save us from fielding too many phone calls and e-mails seeking clarification.

Fixed a little bit of the wonky HTML generated by the system’s WYSIWYG editor, so that I wouldn’t have awkward text spacing and strange-looking tables.

12:30-1:00 pm

Lunch at my desk today, with a little social networking thrown in.

1:00-2:00 pm

Remembered a couple preparatory tasks that need to be done prior to our regional trainings which start in three weeks. I nudged a couple of colleagues about the activities requiring their assistance.

Inquired as to the health of our postage meter. I couldn’t ship any library requests yesterday because it wasn’t working, but am hoping to get the items in today’s mail. Was informed the technician would be here between 1:47 and 2:00. Such precision!

Spent a little time compiling the morning section of this blog post.

2:00-5:00 pm

I forgot to take a picture of today's actual mail, but this one is from one of our busiest mailing days ever, in April 2010.

Library time!

Checked in a couple of journals that had been sitting on my desk, and routed them to the appropriate staff.

Checked in a mail tub full of books that had been returned.

Responded to some e-mails from patrons who had forgotten their barcode/password.

Found out the postage meter was back in service, so I checked out the stack of books that I had changed to “held” back on Tuesday. Got them all packaged up and ready for the mailman.

Went back downstairs to chat with our library director about plans to attend the Polaris Users Group Conference in the fall. She has been to the past several conferences, but this year we’re trying to squeeze both of us into the budget. I hadn’t really had a chance to look over the information about the conference yet, so I was trying to get up to speed while investigating flights, shuttles, dining options, etc. She called to make the hotel reservation and was getting ready to secure our early-bird conference registrations when I had to dash out of the office for the day. We’ll reconvene to decide on a flight next week.

I can’t believe how quickly this day flew by!


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