Library Day in the Life: Round 7, Day 2

Today, I did absolutely nothing in the library.

Instead, I spent almost the entire day trying to get our conference website up and running. I nominated myself for this task awhile back, as we wanted to take advantage of the event website capabilities of our current vendor. I have now created and maintained five consecutive (and increasingly complex) conference registration forms within this system, and I always look to exploit the technology a little more every year. My perpetual goal is to create a better experience for our customers, while hopefully increasing the efficiency of our conference team. I’m excited about building on the vendor’s event website platform to give our event a more consistent web presence. Not only will it help us meet our goals, it allows me to keep exercising the nifty HTML skills I taught myself in high school and honed in library school.

The only time I really looked away from the website task was to assist our customers with accessing the webinar we hosted this afternoon. I get lots of phone calls from folks who haven’t received their login instructions, and I usually discover that either they haven’t actually registered for the webinar, or they provided us an incorrect e-mail address. It usually only takes a moment to manually add them to the list and fix their e-mail address, so then I’ll forward their instructions and send them on their way. I was more nervous about technology issues today, since we’ve changed webinar vendors, but I actually only talked to one person with a technical glitch.  Luckily, it was one that I could easily troubleshoot, given that it had happened to me when I tried to join the webinar.

I hope to get back in the library tomorrow, but in the meantime, I got to shore up my technology and customer service skills!

Bonus: I took some photos of my new office before heading home today! I’ll try to grab some of the library yet this week.

My new (to me) desk!

Doesn't every librarian need bookshelves and toys?

This is the window I bought myself for my previous office.

The best part = my new view!


One Comment on “Library Day in the Life: Round 7, Day 2”

  1. amanda maddock says:

    I love the window you’d bought for a previous office! I had something similar for my grad school office. :)

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