Professional development on the brain…

The concept of professional development is never too far from my mind.  After all, I have been managing a “professional development grant” program for the last five years, not to mention my ever-evolving role in facilitating the conferences, trainings, and library services offered by my organization. Basically, every day I go to work to help other people on their quest for professional development.

Lately, though, I’ve been thinking more about intentionally about my own professional development.  I was fortunate to be able to attend the Special Libraries Association conference in Philadelphia last week, and I’ve returned home with an abundance of inspiration and ideas. I haven’t figured how to apply what I’ve learned just yet, but I’m hoping that harnessing some of the energy toward the 23 Things for Professional Development project will help me pull it all together.

Although my decision to start this blog wasn’t entirely a response to Thing 1, I’m excited to be participating in cpd23!  I was intrigued by previous 23 Things challenges I’ve heard about, but this one has begun at just the right time for me to make the commitment.

I am already familiar with many of the technical topics covered in the cpd23 program, but I plan to follow along in order to get myself in the habit of focusing on a different professional development activity each week. I think the routine will help me focus and establish some goals for further exploration.


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