Adventures in blog-stalking

I already attempt to keep up with dozens of library blogs in Google Reader, but it has been nice to see the fresh perspectives offered by my fellow cpd23 participants.

Here are a few of highlights from my Thing 2 investigation.

Growth of a Librarian – Erin and I have a new little bond over our hesitations…

Lauren’s Library Blog – Lauren made me smile with her great analogies to describe entering a new profession.

Angela Pashia – I (virtually) met @LibrarianAngie a little while ago via Twitter, maybe via #libchat? She’s got some good stuff on her blog already!

Organising Chaos – I caught some of @woodsiegirl‘s tweets during SLA 2011. She offers the perspective of someone who’s been blogging for awhile.

Perhaps the most important part of Thing 2 for me is getting more comfortable commenting on other people’s posts and truly making the experience about conversation. For as long as I’ve been reading blogs, it’s pretty pitiful how rarely I’ve commented. Sometimes, I think I’m trying to reduce my unread feed count so quickly I don’t really take time to absorb what I read, so perhaps stopping to comment will help me get more out of my reading. Plus, it has been pretty fun to receive comments so far. I can only assume other people enjoy feedback as well.

Although I’ve taken the initial steps from long-time reader to first-time commenter, I think I need a goal moving forward. One comment a day ought to be doable, don’t you think?


18 Comments on “Adventures in blog-stalking”

  1. “blog-stalking” — I like that! I set a comment goal. It felt a little silly, but it got me over the hump. It was a New Year’s Resolution, so my goal was 1000 comments in 2011. At the end of May, I had 753, so I’m doing just fine on that resolution!

  2. Ahava Cohen says:

    >Sometimes, I think I’m trying to reduce my unread feed count so quickly I don’t really take time to absorb >what I read

    Oh, lord, yes!! I often say that I’m glad the “next item” button in Google Reader is virtual, or I’d have long ago worn that puppy out.

    I like your goal of a comment a day; I think I’ll adopt it. And look — it’s only 8:07 am and I’ve accomplished my goal for the day. (It’s important to start small, no?)

  3. I agree about the comment issue! I myself am a long-time reader, first-time commentor and it may get a little addictive. I have been needing to consolidate my reading for a few months now as I try and try to keep up with the ever growing number feeds and emails I have subscribed to. This maybe the way to digest information and discussions I find important, thanks for suggesting that there is this self-serving element in commenting, I shall certainly be doing more of it!

    • Nicole Brock says:

      I agree with you about the potential addictiveness. My Google Reader is a bit out of control at the moment, since I neglected it while was out of town last week. It’s amazing how fast the posts pile up in there!

  4. First, thank you for the compliment of mentioning me! I feel special now!

    I also have difficulty posting comments. It’s easy to rush through sometimes, but, on the flip side, I also find myself over-thinking the comments I start to write. So I’m also really liking the social/collaborative focus of cpd23, to help me get better at actually commenting. I’m glad I’m not alone in needing to work on that!

    • Nicole Brock says:

      My pleasure! I hear you about over-thinking comments. I don’t want to just dash off a meaningless comment, but can spend so much time trying to craft an intelligent one that I often don’t bother. The more writing and commenting we do, the easier it should be.

  5. louiselib says:


    I’ve got blog desgin envy after seeing your nice icon buttons under Connect. So going to go back into my template on wordpress and locate those.
    It’s strange that I’ve got lots of feeds in my google reader but I very rarely read the post direct on the blog site itself. This means I miss out on all those wonderful widgets and design skills that librarians seem to have!


    • Nicole Brock says:

      Hi Louise! Those icons actually didn’t come with WordPress. I poked around on to find some that I liked, then I used the Text/HTML widget to put them in the sidebar and link them to the right profiles. If you need help, let me know!

  6. Miss Scarlet says:

    Your one-comment-a-day idea is a great one! I think I’ll adopt it.

  7. […] were intruding – quite the opposite!  So I’m slowly coming round to the idea.  Nicole made an interesting point about setting herself a comment goal – perhaps this is something I will consider for myself if I […]

  8. Emma Cragg says:

    I admire your one comment a day goal. One of the best things about 23 things programmes are the communities that build up among the participants.

  9. […] Odd Librarian Out adeptly recognizes that commenting can be difficult, but that it is crucial to the conversation, and her one-comment-a-day goal seems a practical approach to progress.  I’ve been a lurker myself, consuming much but contributing little. I am ready to take the next step. […]

  10. Diana says:

    Another incorrigible lurker here – the most instructive and challenging aspect about Thing 2 for me has been commenting on blogposts rather than just passively reading them and moving on to the next one. I agree that your one-comment-a-day idea is a good one, as I have a feeling that the more you comment the easier it gets (I hope so anyway!)

  11. woodsiegirl says:

    Thanks for the link! I like your idea of aiming for one comment a day – like you, I read far too many RSS feeds so rarely take time to stop and comment on any. I always mean to – I do most of my reading on my phone, on the train on my way in to work, and usually star items I want to come back to and comment on. Unfortunately, my unread count keeps piling up so by the time I get around to going back to the stuff I’ve starred I either can’t remember what I was going to say, or too much time has passed for a comment to make sense any more!

  12. KatyStoddard says:

    Love your one comment a day idea, I’m definitely a bit of a lurker where blogs are concerned. I think I’ll adopt it as my new CPD resolution!

  13. Sarah says:

    I’m motivating myself with a biscuit per comment. This is my second comment left as part of Thing Two and so far I’ve learned that I need to buy bigger biscuits. Also some stuff about contributing to the community and learning from other people but I’m going to start putting the bscuit thing into practice first ;)

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